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ACCSES NJ/CNA Services is the "Central Nonprofit Agency" designated by the State of New Jersey to administer the State Use Law for Rehabilitation Facilities, providing the dignity of a job and a paycheck to NJ citizens with disabilities.  CNA Services, a program of ACCSES, New Jersey (Association for Choices in Community Supports and Employment Services), is a non-profit organization providing leadership and support to affiliate programs, which serve and employ people with disabilities and other disadvantages statewide.

CNA Services’ Mission is to increase employment opportunities for NJ citizens with disabilities by marketing our affiliates’ products and services to state, county and municipal government, school districts, and the private sector.

We fulfill the purpose of the State Use Law, to expand employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.  By assuring a continuous market for our products and services, we generate productive employment for adults with disabilities, empowering them to achieve maximum personal independence and enhance their dignity and capacity for self support.

 The State Use Law

In 1981, the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill, the State Use Law for Rehabilitation Facilities (NJSA 30:6-20 to 6-33), enabling community rehabilitation programs (CRP’s) to do business with government agencies without having to competitively bid.  Signed by Governor Byrne in 1982, the law permits the set-aside of designated commodities and services to be sold to state, county and municipal government units, on a sole-provider basis, by a Central Non-Profit Agency (CNA).

In 1984, ACCSES New Jersey’s predecessor organization (the New Jersey Association of Rehabilitation Facilities) was appointed by the Commissioner of Human Services as the State's Central Non-Profit Agency to administer the Set-Aside Program. Once set-aside, the item is removed from competitive bidding and is awarded to an approved CRP for as long as it continues to meet state specifications.  The New Jersey Commodities and Services Council selects the items to be set-aside, approves fair-market prices, certifies participating facilities and oversees the operation of the Central Non-Profit Agency.

CNA Services carries out all activities necessary for implementation of the State Use Law, which include:

  • Marketing products and services offered by CNA affiliates and approved by the Commodities and Services Council.
  • Seeking new products and services for the set-aside program.
  • Managing the set-aside contracts.
  • Ensuring that quality and delivery requirements are met.
  • Processing the billing from the affiliates to the State.
  • Acting as a liaison between our affiliates and our end use customers.